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4.850 Ft (4.619 Ft + ÁFA)


4.850 Ft (4.619 Ft + ÁFA)
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Paranormal abilities, secret experiments, terrorism, mind control and modern religious wars... how do all these play out and impinge upon the human soul on such an historical stage set? How can a peaceful and humane 21st century be created?

The story of this novel is a mixture of fiction and historical facts, with a surprising turn of events, at times even baffling to the reader. Not only does it directly, honestly and confidently take on the pressing issues of our time, but it allows the reader entry into a world beyond everyday concerns.

Carla, the Hungarian female heroine born in Iran, is keen on unveiling the real tragedies taking place behind the scenes of our everyday lives.  She examines the inside maze of secret service agencies which incites debates on serious and controversial global issues, thus allowing us to re-evaluate our convictions and ultimately come up with answers on our own.

 The heroine is a secret service agent but much more than that: a woman with paranormal abilities and with a very sensitive soul. Why is she then involved in the tough world of secret service and lethal terrorism? The story itself is the shocking answer. 


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