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4.850 Ft (4.619 Ft + ÁFA)

The Peruvian Priestess

4.850 Ft (4.619 Ft + ÁFA)
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A Heavenly Healing is offered to mankind in the form of an implant in the heart that would alter the frequency of the body so no illnesses or disease can make any harm any more.

Eva, having found the crystal disc and decoded the message, urgently wants to awake the people to make them see the fatal effects of this false redemption. The implant lobby is committed to do anything to have Eva shut up.

Kidnapped and hidden in a remote part of the Amazonian rainforest, kept in prison by brutal and primitive hessian on a secret government order, helpless and vulnerable, Eva is struggling alone. In her hopeless struggle she finally sees God “face-to-face”. Much to her surprise, God is different to as described in our religious books. Only with God by her side, she can make the final step in her initiation: she can activate the God-gen in herself and thus become the promised “image of God”. She now sees clearly why and who have misled humanity with false “images” of God. God lets her see through the “veil” and find the only solution for mankind - which is rather surprising!

By miracles, a warder recognizes Eva as the missing “Priestess of Peru” in media news, and out of religious fear, he lets her escape free from the prison camp with some other prisoners. In a 3-day rainforest adventurous escape, they are saved.

United with her friends again, by Eva's initiation, they set up a project on how to communicate the incredible message to the world.

Unexpected helpers, such as the Russian metaphysics and secret ex KGB officer Jesev and American secret service agent Dr. Lepkin, plus the leader of an underworld civilization Tatunka Nara, dressed in all white, appear on the banks of the Amazon river.

Hence there is a switch in the story...

How can life be altered for good on Earth?  This will be revealed by the Peruvian Priestess.


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